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Friday, March 9, 2012

"Aroma From a Guest Kitchen"- (Guest-Navami Venugopal)- Pickle Mania and Anika's Playdate Burger!

Navami and I got to know each other and got along together ....due to...any guesses?? Yes...it is our interest in Food!! Navami is an excellent cook and will always 'wow' you with her flavorful and variety of cooking.
She will always have a fabulous spread ready when she invites you over.

Spot the Mango Pickle!!! No Prizes!!!

One of my favorites at Navami's, have been the variety of mouthwatering pickles she makes.She shares some here:

Pickle mania...

Instant pickles:3 at a time Tada!!!
(Life span of about 4weeks if stored in fridge ,covered and if scooped
out with a dry spoon everytime)

Washed Raw Mango -1(cut into tiiiiiny cubes along with the skin if not bitter)

De skinned and washed Raw papaya-1-Cut into Juliennes-1inch long

Scraped n washed Carrots-4 long ones-Cut into Juliennes-1inch long

Pitted dates-(Optional)-10 nos-finely chopped

Vegetable oil-5 tablespoon+ 1 teaspoon

Red chilly powder-12 teaspoon(4 for each pickle-You can increase depending on the required spice level)

Roasted methi seed powder-1 teaspoon

Distilled white Vinegar-4tablespoon

Salt -About 2 tablespoon for each pickle.Feel free to adjust depending on size of the fruit/sourness of the mango or vinegar.

Mustard seeds-9 teaspoon-Approx 3 for each pickle

Sugar-1 teaspoon each for Carrot+date and Rawpappaya pickle only

Asafoetida(Hing)-1 teaspoon(1/2 teaspoon for Mango and Papaya pickle only)

Curry leaves-6 leaves cut into half

Dry Bowls-3


Ensure to wash and dry vegetables and no entry !!!! to water in any form as you start the journey.Of course you can gulp down some and use to wash your eys while roasting Chilly powder.Keep a towel /tissue handy
to wipe hands in between.

Assemble cut Mango,Raw papaya and carrot + dates in 3 different bowls.

Add salt to each of the bowls, mix well and keep aside.Add sugar to the Carrot+date and raw papaya bowls.Mix well with respective ladles.

You are gonna get 3 final products in one go.So proceed with caution hereon.

Mix2 tablespoon each of vinegar to the Raw papaya and Carrot + date mixture and use your hands to mix for the extra flavour.

Next add methi powder to the mango mixture,mix well.

Now pour oil into a kadai and add mustard seeds.

On spluttering add the whole chilly powder,mix well in the oil within 45 seconds take it off the gas and keep mixing.This is to ensure the chilly powder doesn't get burned.This is the only difficult part in the whole process.If burnt the chilly powder will give a bitter taste.Roasting like this adds that extra taste and prevents the pickle from getting spoiled.

Mentally divide the cooled Chilly mixture into 3 portions Add 1 portion each of this mixture to the raw Papaya and Carrot n date mixture .

Take small kadai.. pour a teaspoon of oil and saute the curry leaves(washed and patted dry) along with the hing.Add half quantity to the Raw papaya pickle.

Mix the rest half with the left over chilly mixture and add it to the raw mango.

Transfer pickle to dry storage containers.

These pickles can be enjoyed after an hour!

Voila...3 crunchy pickles for any party.

Add the raw papaya pickle to a normal lettuce salad or normal peanut

masala and savour the difference.

Carrot and date-Add to any burger!!!

Salsa:Mix n match the papaya and carrot pickle with avocado,a dash of lemon,onion and coriander leaves.

Mango pickle:Enjoy with nice Yogurt and Rice or Sambar and rice.

Note:Just divide the portions and make individual pickles as per convenience

Disclaimer:My favourites ...so can't go wrong for atleast few taste buds!Not able to find pics ...so excuse me plssss

  • Navami shares another of her recipes....
Anika's playdate burger!

Serving:4 sliders n some extra sweet potato finger chips

Small slider buns
1 sweet potato(Will make about 35 fingerchips)
Mayo-3 teaspoon
Any fruit preserve(I used fig preserve.Remember to finely chop thefruit in the preserve)-3 teaspoon
Roasted cumin powder(optional)
Finely chopped coriander leaves-1 teaspoon
Ketchup-1 tablespoon
Sour cream-1 tablespoon
Olive Oil-1 tablespoon
Lettuce-Cut to the size of the buns
One baking sheet/tray
Olives/Cherries and Toothpick for decoration

Peel and Cut fingers out of the sweet potato.Set the oven to 400.Coat the sweet potato fingers with Olive oil,Salt and pepper.Spread on a baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes or as crunchy as you want.Toss it on a kitchen tissue for cooling and to absorb extra oil .

Sauce on the bun-
Mix Ketchup,Sourcream ,Mayo,2 teaspoon of Fruit preserve and Coriander leaves.Add salt to taste.Let it stay for10 minutes.

Sauce on the side-
Use the leftover sauce from above and add the roasted cumin powder and remaining amount of Fruit preserve.

Toast buns on a Tava.Put lettuce on the bun.(Placing the lettuce prevents the bun from sogging up much if you are preparing it in advance)Spread a dollop of sauce and lay the finger chips (about5-6)on top.Top it up with the paired bun.Insert a toothpick with Olives/Cherries.Serve a dollop of the sauce on the side with the burger along with the remaining chips.Serve with a smile :-)

Note:Proportions for the ingredients for sauce can be altered to suit taste.Can be made spicy by adding Cayenne pepper or tiny bits of green chilly.

Disclaimer:You will need to have a khatta -meetha liking!!!