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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dabeli Rolls

For my love of Dabeli...I could keep on trying out new looks and reinventing Dabeli with a newer fresher look!
Dabeli....in it's original form is lovely enough, but new fresh looks give it a interesting texture, taste and of course 'modernize' it!

Here is the original form:

Dabeli Wrap:

Dabeli Dosa:
All the fillings and fixings of Dabeli wrapped up in a crispy dosa

And now presenting the beautiful ...Dabeli rolls:

Fillings and fixings of Dabeli

1 Store bought Biscuit dough can (Buttermilk or plain)

1) Roll out the biscuit dough on little flour into oval shape with a rolling pin. Apply Tamarind-Jaggery/date Chutney and put the fillings in the center.
Cut the sides as shown at an angle.

2) Fold the alternate edges on to each other as shown to make the pattern.Press gently to seal edges.

3) Bake on baking sheet as directed on biscuit dough can till golden brown

Enjoy Dabeli in this new look hot look!