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Monday, May 14, 2012

"For Little Tummies"- Milky Way Teddy Cars and Strawberry Mice

Milky Way Teddy Cars:

Vroom Vrooommmm here they come!!!
It was 'E's friends birthday party and I wanted to take along some 'cute' foods for the little people there.

This was the cutest little thing I found on -http://planningwithkids.com/2009/05/27/milky-way-cars/
It was so easy and fun to make....I made a bunch of these in different colors!!
I need not say.......how excited were the little guests when they saw these!

This one is made with - 'Butterfinger egg' instead of the milky way bar.

Strawberry Mice

They ate all the Cheese!!!!
How cute is that????? Kids will love the fruit in this form for sure!!!

I got this idea here: http://familyfun.go.com/recipes/strawberry-mice-687541/

I made the Swiss Cheese 'look alike' Wedges with Apples cored with a straw to look like the holes in the cheese.