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Thursday, September 17, 2009

About my Blogs name...

'M' just pointed out to me this morning that he found blogs with similar names when he was browsing the net....there was 'Aromas of my Kitchen' ...'My Kitchen Aromas' etc etc...
My sincere apology to those other blog owners, but the resemblance in the name was purely unintentional and did not mean to 'copy' or hurt anyone.
When I was thinking about starting this blog....the first thing came to my mind was....sharing my kitchen/passion with everyone.....and what other quality of food other than 'aroma' can travel faster?
So....'Kitchen' and 'Aroma' were definitely the words I wanted in my blog. And so.....put them together to make: MyKitchensAroma
But did not quite realize in this 'blogging' world....there are many who think alike...my mistake!
Anyways..as long as all live in harmony and have no hard feelings....we are good!
Hope 'MyKitchensAroma' brings the joy and satisfaction I desire from my cooking and sharing.... to me and to all!

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