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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Sweet Treats"- Besan Nankatai/ Besan Cookies

 There was a BIG pack of 'besan'/ Gram flour lying around in the pantry...and a friend had reminded about 'Besan Nankatai's" just last week. My 'Teeny Tiny" A'...is on a High calorie diet..and I am always looking for foods..that are high calorie, rich in nutrients and relatively healthy for her. These 'Nankatai's....are sure a winner in this category!!! I had baked All purpose flour nankatai's before...and are still my most favorite..

It is kind of hard to cater 3 different diets in the family. 'M' and I need low calorie diet.......because guess what......nobody is getting any thinner :(   Little 'E' needs to eat normal diet...as he needs all the fat,nutrients and calories for his growing body. And then there is little tiny 'A'..she has been low on the weigh scale and the doctor asked us to give her a 'High Calorie' diet!! So..here I am ..the Master Personal Chef of 'Thetes'....catering an array of diets at home!
Recipe Guidance from:
1 stick unsalted room temperature butter
1 Cup Besan/ Gram flour
1 Cup powdered sugar
1/2tsp Baking powder
1tsp Vanilla extract
1 pinch salt
Chopped nuts for garnish

1) Preheat oven to 300 F/ 150C.
2) Lightly butter a cookie sheet
3) Cream together the butter, vanilla and sugar till light and fluffy with a hand mixer.
4) Sieve the Besan, baking powder,salt.Add to the cream butter sugar mixture.
5) Knead into soft dough.Make little 'Pedha' like balls.Press them a little.
6) Place on cookie sheet and press chopped nuts on top.Or make 'Tic tac toe like pattern"

7) Bake at 300 F for 12-15 mins ..until slight brown on bottom.Cool the cookies.

**My First attempt at Besan Nankatai ---Verdict
The cookies looked excellent....they tasted good too....they had the 'hole' in them too....But..they were a little bit 'chewy'...not the texture of the typical nankatai...