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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Everyday Cooking"- Egg Bhurji Pav/ Spicy Egg Scramble Sandwich

Amongst the 'street foods' in Pune, this one is probably not a very famous one.Mostly because it is sold on 'not so fancy' carts and also sold mostly outside ' drinking bars'.We made 'Egg Bhurji' many times back home and had it mostly with chapati.It was so quick, tasty and high protein food.
The other day, I wanted to make a 'fancy' sandwich for dinner.I thought..why not 'up-notch' Bhurji-Pav , give it a 'Make over' and make it into a 'fancy' sandwich!!!
For all the vegetarians out there:  Use Paneer to make 'Paneer Bhurji' instead of eggs.
Eggs Bhurji/Spicy egg scramble:

4 Eggs
3/4th cup Chopped onion
1/2tsp turmeric powder
1tsp Chili powder
1/2tsp Chicken masala/ Kitchen King masala
1/4th tsp Black ground pepper
1tbsp Chopped cilantro

1/4th cup sliced red pepper
1/4th cup sliced green pepper
1/2cup sliced onions
1/4th cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/4th cup Maggie Hot and Sweet sauce( I loveeeee this sauceeee!!!!)

4 Brat Buns

1) Stir fry the sliced red,green pepper and onions for couple mins.Season with salt and black pepper.Keep aside.
2) In 1 tbsp oil, fry the chopped onion till for 3-4 mins, add the chili powder,chicken masala, black pepper,salt and add the eggs one by one.Keeping stirring to get a good scramble.Cook till well done.Add the chopped cilantro.
3) Cut open the Brat bun, add  the green and red peppers, onions,eggs bhurji.Top with cheese and maggie hot sauce

4) Heat a grilling griddle and grill the sandwich ( on little butter if you like) till it gets the grilling marks.
5) Serve this Spicy Sandwich ....Hot hot hot!