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Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Appetizers"- Vegetable Tikki

Can you guess what all vegetables are hiding in those cute boat shaped Tikkis??? When you become a mom you have to find ways to play 'Peek-a Boo" with your kids foods! Luckily mine are not tremendously picky eaters in terms of veggies (Touchwood!!!!) But it doesn't harm to sneak some veggies in whatever you can!!!

These Tikkis can serve as appetizers or even as main course.. ..if you serve them as 'veggie patties' for burgers!! So versatile and So yummy and So easy to make...it will be your 'Go-To' recipe for a quick fix!!!

3 boiled potatoes
1/2 cup finely cut Cabbage
1/3 cup finely cut Carrots
1/3cup finely cut broccoli (even the stems are fine too.I used them here)
1 tsp Ginger Garlic paste
1/2tsp Chili powder (add more for spicier taste)
1tsp Cumin seeds
1/2tsp fennel seeds
1tbsp chopped Cilantro (use can add chopped mint too)
 1/2tsp Garam masala powder/ Kitchen King masala
Oil to shallow fry

1) Mash the boiled potatoes without any lumps and keep aside
2) In 1tsp oil saute the cabbage, carrots and broccoli and ginger garlic paste till tender. Let it cool
3) Mix potatoes, sauteed veggies and all the above ingredients and knead.
4) Make into 'boat' shaped Tikkis
5) Shallow fry on a non stick pan with few drops of oil till golden brown.

6) Serve hot with Ketchup/ Chutney!

() If Serving as Veggie Burgers:
Make into round shaped patties and shallow fry.  Serve in a toasted bun with sliced cucumbers,tomatoes and onions.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Nutritious and Delicious"- Tofu Chocolate Mousse

I have been wanting to try this for quite sometime now. So easy to make...so lovely looking...and good for you too!!I came across many similar recipes for Tofu mousse all  over the 'blog world"....I thought how cool was it to eat your protein with the rich chocolaty flavor!
When I read the recipes..I thought the chocolate and the vanilla flavor will mask the 'tofuee' flavor from Tofu. But NO.....I could not take out the 'tofuee' flavor from tofu in the combination I tried.
However....it will be a Tofu lovers delight !!! It is smooth, Rich chocolaty and guilt free!!
I got a 50-50 appreciation at home. 'A' did not mind the tofu in the mousse...but 'E' said.."Mumma ..this mousse doesn't taste normal"!!! Hahaha!

1/2 Package Nasoya Tofu (Use Silken Tofu for mild flavor)
2 tbsp Hershey Cocoa powder (use melted chocolate chips for richer taste)
1/2tbsp Hersheys Dark chocolate powder
2-3 tbsp White Sugar
1tsp Vanilla extract
1/4 cup milk
Dark chocolate shavings for garnish

1) In a blender, pulse together tofu, cocoa powder,milk,vanilla,sugar till smooth and without any lumps.
2) Pour into serving bowls. You know what I used here???? These are 'tea-light' candle holders!!
You can use shot glasses too!
3) Chill in the refrigerator for 30 mins atleast.

Monday, May 21, 2012

"Nutritious and Delicious" - Almond Lover's Homemade Cereal Bar

Love Almonds??? Love Cereal Bars??? Yes, you have arrived at the right recipe!!! I have been trying to make cereal bars at home and love trying out variations in the ingredients. This time I decided to go ...ALL Almondy!!
It has...Sliced Almonds, Almond meal and of course Almond Butter!!

Nuts about Almonds????? Well...you should be!!
Almonds are regarded as one of the healthiest nuts. They are rich in Manganese, Vitamin E and many other nutrients. Here is more information on the health facts about almonds:


1 Cup Whole Grain Oats
1/2 cup Brown Rice puffs
1/2 cup Almonds sliced
1/4 cup Almond meal(almonds ground into powder)
1/3  cup Almond Butter
1/4 cup Wheat germ
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
Handful of Raisins
1 tsp Vanilla
Honey for drizzling(optional)
1/4tsp salt
1 tbsp oil
2 tbsp water

1) Toast the oats and sliced almonds at 325 F for 5-10 mins or toast in the microwave for 2-3 mins.The oats should be light brown and the almonds should be crunchy.
2) Heat brown sugar and water in a pan slightly till sugar melts.Add almond butter and stir.
3) Mix the toasted oats, brown rice puffs,almond meal,wheat germ,raisins, almonds,salt,vanilla,oil etc. Pour the sugar and almond butter mixture.Mix together.
4) Line a 9*13 inch pan with aluminum foil.Spray the foil with non stick spray.Preheat oven to 325F.
5) Press the mixture into the pan.Bake at 325 F for 15-20 mins.
6) Drizzle the bars with honey ( for sweeter taste) and if they haven't bound well.
7) Cut into bars.Makes 12 bars.Store in airtight container.