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Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Princess Cake"

It was 'A's 5th birthday and she is in LOVE with princesses.I love princess this... I love princess that... is in daily conversation at least 10 times a day!

I had decided I wanted to make her a 'princess cake', but just wasn't sure how that is going to work on a week day evening of her birthday. All the previous versions I had seen of the cake called for special molds to make the evening gown like shape, or then bake 3 different cakes and carve them into evening gown like shape.All those seem too labor intensive.

As I was driving back from work...(it is 'me' time and my thinking time for me :)) I had an idea of this 'semi homemade' version of the cake:

I picked up a small chocolate 'bundt' cake from the grocery store, some strawberry icing and some sugar pearls and made this fabulous looking 'Princess Cake"

You need:
1) A small chocolate bundt cake (dome shaped cake with a hole in the center)
2) A princess doll (Check for the height of the doll or use only the upper body)
3) Some strawberry icing
4) Sugar pearls


1) Place the doll in the center of the baked bundt cake in the hollow portion.Secure with tooth picks and icing if needed. I did not have too.

2) Decorate the Bundt like a princess gown as desired with icing and sugar pearls. 

3) You can decorate the upper princess portion with some icing to match up the gown