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Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Sweet Treats"- Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

How pretty are they??? When you want to make something amazing.....that you can take to a party...or make for your own party...this one is the Winner!! Juicy Red Strawberries dipped in luscious chocolate.....they just win anyone over!!! Yes....it's pretty romantic too!! A good idea for a date night dessert too:)) Ohh....long gone are those days of date nights. 'M' and I hardly manage to eat our meals together...with 'E' and 'A' demanding our constant attention.Oh well....it's a prize of being a parent !

10-14 Fresh juicy red Strawberries(large size)
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup white chocolate/ thin cookie icing for drizzle

1) Wash the strawberries and place on paper towel to dry. Dap them dry completely. Keep the strawberry leaves on.
2) Place small pot with water on the stove.(To make double boiler to melt the chocolate)
3) Melt the chocolate chips in a bowl  in microwave for 40 seconds. Stir.
4) Place the  bowl with chocolate chips on the pot of warm water. This will heat the chocolate mildly and keep it liquid for longer. Stir the chocolate till smooth. Do the same with white chocolate chips.
5) Dip the strawberry half way in the melted chocolate.Twist to remove excess chocolate.
6) Place the chocolate dipped strawberries on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper
7) Drizzle the melted white chocolate/ Cookie icing with a fork on the chocolate coated strawberries.
8) Place in the refrigerator for 30 mins for the chocolate to set.

 Bite into the strawberries....the chocolate cracks and melts in your mouth along with the Juicy Red Strawberries....DDDD licious!!!!

"Sweet Treats"- Butternut Squash Sheera

I love making 'traditional' foods with a new twist. I think, 'Changes' in the daily routine are welcomed by all. Similarly a traditional favorite with a new twist is surely loved by the crowd. Apart from that, if you can improve the nutrition value in dish ....by all means----- Do it!!! I used to take 'E' to a playgroup when he was little. It was pretty much a international playgroup with moms and kids from many countries. A Turkish friend had baked a cake as snack for the kids. You know what was in there?????? It was a Plain vanilla sponge cake with finely chopped Spinach!!!!! And believe me.....it was WOW!!!!
So, last week I made this Sheera for the 'Mantra Mugdha Assemblage" at our house. The 'pumpkiny' taste was not that apparent....and they didn't guess the Butternut Squash in it.But everyone said....it tasted different but Delicious!!! Also, the orange hue that the butternut squash imparted to the Sheera...... was gorgeous!
1 Cup grated Butternut Squash
1 Cup Sooji/Rava
1/2 cup + 1 tsp butter/Ghee p
3/4 cup Sugar
1tsp Cardamom powder
1/2tsp nutmeg powder
1 Cup Milk
1 cup Water
Raisins for the garnish

1) In 1tsp Ghee, saute the grated butternut squash till tender and cooked. Keep aside
2) Warm the milk and water together
3) Roast the sooji in 1/2 cup butter/ milk till very light golden color.
4) Add the warm milk, water and sauteed butternut squash. Keep lid and cook till the Sooji cooks.
5) Add the sugar, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder and mix. Again keep lid and let it steam for 2-4 mins.
6) Form into molds and garnish with raisins and nuts if you like!