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Friday, November 30, 2012

"Food for Thought"-- Do know know what will be on your table in the next few years???

 Do know know what will be on your table in the next few years???

In Vitro 'Lab made' meat? The weeds in your lawn will be your salad mix?? Which ethnic cuisine will reign supreme?? Fish Farming? Will you take a 'nutrition' pill or wear a patch???

A very curious...a very interesting read for all Food lovers:


After Diwali....after all the 'Faral' making...and 'going crazy' about blogging my creations....I came to a much needed break! I needed the break...BUT..... I think...As much as I was tired making the recipes...people got tired of seeing the links to those on their facebook ;) Sorry people....can't help you there!!
Will cook..Will Blog..and Will Share ;)

Josh Schonwald's "The Taste of Tomorrow"...was very interesting... got me thinking about "Future of Food'.What would we be eating...the trends ( The best of all..I found out there is a job called " Food Trendologist or Food Futurist"!!!) Sounds super cool right...discovering the trends in food...getting the first taste of the 'new' foods...predicting which trends will last...
But as super as it sounds...I believe it must be as difficult as well!!

From this book...I am on to a new read....Pamela Ronald and Raoul Adamchak's...."Tomorrows Table"
This one is more about....Organic Farming and Genetics...the union of both for the bright future of farming...
Still haven't completed it...will see it it turns me into an "Organic Buyer"!

I will get back to blogging in the next few days. I am glad to have friends like you who visit TheSizzlingPan  and help me keep going:))

You guys are the BEST!!!