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Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Aroma From a Guest Kitchen"- ( Guest-Soniya Keskar)- Mango Pudding/Mango Cheese Cake

Guest = Soniya Keskar
I know Soniya, since we moved here to Coumbus,IN. Apart from being a very genuine person and a good friend, she (and I would say the whole of 'Keskar' family) is incredibly talented and enthusiastic.For 'E' and 'A's birthday party last month, they made this wonderful truck with Parle-G biscuits and chocolates.It was a big hit at the party! Kids just loved it!!!

Mango Cheesecake/ Mango Pudding in Graham Cracker Pie crust

Soniya made a amazingly delicious dessert for my friend 'S's send off party.She made this 'Mango Pudding in Graham cracker crust pie shell' It was a mix perfect between a cheese cake and a pudding. Everyone went 'head over heels' for the dessert!

Here is the recipe that Soniya shared with us:

8 oz Cream Cheese ( I use Philadelphia Original Full Fat Cream cheese)
8 oz  Kraft Cool Whip (1 container)
16 oz Mango Pulp (Alphanso / Kesar Mango Pulp)
½ oz Knox unflavored Gelatin ( ½ oz = 2 envelops)
¾ cup Sugar  ( If the mango pulp is sweetened  you will need less sugar)
Few Kesar/ Saffron sprigs

  1. Bring Cream Cheese and Cool Whip to Room temperature. Soften the cream cheese in a large mixing bowl. Add Cool Whip. Blend it with the hand mixer till you get even soft creamy texture. Add Mango Pulp and blend again.
  2. Mix dry gelatin powder and sugar in a small mixing bowl. Add 1 cup bubbling hot boiling water over it and stir continuously till all the gelatin crystals melt. Let the mixture cool down to lukewarm temperature.
  3. Combine sugar, gelatin mixture with cream cheese, cool whip and mango pulp mixture. Add Saffron for color and flavor. Blend it all together to get soft creamy mixture.
  4. Pour the mixture  in a glass pie dish. Decorate it with almond halves or other dry fruits. Keep the dish in the refrigerator. It takes around 3 hours to set. 
  5. I like to set it in a  ready made Graham cracker piecrust . This mixture makes two 9 inch round Cheese cakes.
Enjoy the cool smooth silky sweet Mango pudding with a hint of tartness of the cream cheese in the butteryness of the graham cracker crust.....nothing can be more satisfying to the taste buds!!!