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Friday, January 20, 2012

"Everyday Cooking"- Zucchini Masala Rice

It was last months potluck..and I was out of ideas.What could I make...that would be easy, tasty, fulfilling and 'not so common'?? Because everyone is looking forward to some new dishes and recipes in the Potluck party!
I remembered the "Capsicum Masala rice" that my friend 'P' makes.....
Here is the recipe for the "4 Colored Capsicum  Masala Rice" that I had posted earlier...

I did not have the colored Capsicums ....and this time ...The 'neglected" zucchini can be the centerpiece of my dish!! It may not be every ones favorite veggie..but I like it! You can use it in so many ways...in Pastas, In sweet Zucchini breads, in curries , in roasted vegetables etc etc. It is very versatile.
It was funny...when my mom thought it was a 'cucumber' and made raita out of it!!! LOL!

Recipe :
Substitute the Capsicum with sliced Zucchinis

1) Prepare white basmati rice and let it cool.Grains should be separate.
2) Slice the Zucchini into half moon shape. Dry roast the 'masala' ingredients given in the recipe. Grind the masala ingredients.

3 ) Fry the Zucchini for just couple mins. It should remain 'crisp'. Add the masala powder and fry for few seconds.
4) Add the cooked rice.Toss. Add 2 tsp Ghee.Toss again.
 Serve hot along with cool yogurt or curries or your favorite soup. Enjoy!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

"Aroma From a Guest Kitchen"- (Guest- Soniya Keskar)- Shahi Tukda

Guest Recipe by: Soniya Keskar
This recipe comes from my friend Soniya, who these days I call....'The Queen of Sweets" ....she makes amazing desserts of various kinds. She made this delicious luscious Mango dessert for a party. I already got this wondeful recipe of Mango Cheese Cake from her-
Then the other day she made a 'Cake pudding' similar to bread pudding..but with pound cake,nuts and chocolate.It was sooo good....everyone was tempted to go for seconds:)
The 'Shahi Tukda" was her first attempt and a wonderful dessert I thought after a traditional meal.
 It consisted of bread cut into heart shape and fried to crispy golden brown.Then it was dipped in sweetened milk and topped with 'Malai - Kesar Pedha mixture. The crispy bread soaked in milk and topped with smooth sweet malai....was heavenly combination!

White slice bread
oil/ butter/ghee to fry the bread
Milk- sweetened like basundi and flavored with cardamom/ Saffron etc
Malai mixture-Ricotta cheese, milk powder, sugar, saffron.
Garnish- chopped nuts/ almonds/ sliced cherries

1) Cut the bread with a cookie cutter into heart shapes. Deep fry in Butter/ Ghee/ oil till golden brown and crispy.

2) Heat milk and add sugar, cardamom.Let it cool to 'luke' warm temperature.
3) Make the Malai mixture by this recipe. Keep the consistency little loose than the 'Pedha' , so that the malai mixture can be easily spread on the bread.

4) Just before serving....dipped the fried bread in warm milk and place on the serving plate. Spread the malai mixture on the bread and garnish with chopped nuts/almonds.
Serve this 'new' dessert along with your traditional meal and 'wow' your guests!