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Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Everyday Cooking"- Thai Green Curry

Thai food can be easy to prepare and tasty if you take some help from the 'store'. For last weeks party, I did just that...... and the Green curry came out to be perfect and so much easier!!! I bought the canned 'coconut milk' and the 'Green curry paste'. While it would be good to know and learn, what all spices go in the green curry paste, I decided to keep the 'learning session' for the next time and go ahead and use the canned green curry paste!
2-3  cups canned coconut milk
1-2 tbsp canned Green curry paste (First taste it! If it's too spicy add less or if you like spicier, add more)
1/4 cup each-square cut pieces of  red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper, onions, bamboo shoots, baby corn, Tofu, green beans,mushrooms etc
1tbsp black Raisins
chopped cilantro for garnishing
1) Heat 1 tbsp oil, Stir fry the veggies and tofu on high heat.
2) Add the coconut milk, green curry paste and mix. DONE!! That's it!
3) Add salt as per taste and let it simmer for few minutes.Add the raisins and chopped cilantro.
4) Serve hot with Jasmine thai rice

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Sweet Treats" - Thai Iced Tea

This weekend had invited 'A' and 'G''s family over for dinner. On menu was Thai food from start to finish!
Appetizers- Thai chicken satay and Tofu fry
Entree- Veg Rice Noodles with peanut sauce and Green Curry and Rice
Dessert- Thai iced tea and Thai coconut custard
It was the first time I made such an elaborate thai menu all at once!
It was fun to cook and more fun to enjoy the food with friends......
 I love the thai iced tea and every time we go to the thai restaurant I order one. 'R' had gifted me these gorgeous glasses on my birthday and I thought....these would be perfect for Thai icea tea!!!
Now, I did not have 'thai' tea so I used some regular black Indian tea along with a 'Fruit Tea' packet and it worked out PUURRRRRFECTTTT!!!

2 tsp black tea
3 tsp sugar
2 packets/ tea bags of a fruit flavored tea( I used Black cherry tea)
4 tsp condensed milk
1/4 cup regular milk
4cups water
Ice cubes

1) Boil 4 cups water, add the sugar and tea, and fruit tea to it. Let it brew for few minutes.The thai tea will usually give 'orange' color.But because I used black tea, my tea was dark brown colored.
Let it cool.Chill in the refrigerator
2) While serving- Fill the glass 3/4th with tea, add a spoonful of condensed milk to it.It will sink to the bottom.Add the ice cubes

3) Add just a splash of regular milk. Serve cold. Mix it up as you drink it!
Sip the Sweet-fruity- cold iced tea along with your favorite dinner or just by itself!