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Monday, September 26, 2011

"Sweet Treats" - Thai Iced Tea

This weekend had invited 'A' and 'G''s family over for dinner. On menu was Thai food from start to finish!
Appetizers- Thai chicken satay and Tofu fry
Entree- Veg Rice Noodles with peanut sauce and Green Curry and Rice
Dessert- Thai iced tea and Thai coconut custard
It was the first time I made such an elaborate thai menu all at once!
It was fun to cook and more fun to enjoy the food with friends......
 I love the thai iced tea and every time we go to the thai restaurant I order one. 'R' had gifted me these gorgeous glasses on my birthday and I thought....these would be perfect for Thai icea tea!!!
Now, I did not have 'thai' tea so I used some regular black Indian tea along with a 'Fruit Tea' packet and it worked out PUURRRRRFECTTTT!!!

2 tsp black tea
3 tsp sugar
2 packets/ tea bags of a fruit flavored tea( I used Black cherry tea)
4 tsp condensed milk
1/4 cup regular milk
4cups water
Ice cubes

1) Boil 4 cups water, add the sugar and tea, and fruit tea to it. Let it brew for few minutes.The thai tea will usually give 'orange' color.But because I used black tea, my tea was dark brown colored.
Let it cool.Chill in the refrigerator
2) While serving- Fill the glass 3/4th with tea, add a spoonful of condensed milk to it.It will sink to the bottom.Add the ice cubes

3) Add just a splash of regular milk. Serve cold. Mix it up as you drink it!
Sip the Sweet-fruity- cold iced tea along with your favorite dinner or just by itself!

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