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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 with Colorful Mini Idlies made with Vegetable Purees!!!

Here's Wishing You and all the Lil Ones a Happy and Healthy New Year 2014 filled with lots of Colorful veggies and fruits!!!

 It was New Years Party and I was planning on making Idlies. I had seen 'Colored Idlies' on a food forum I subscribe to and couldn't resist making these lil nutrition packed bite-size idlies for the Lil ones.I was surprised that the vegetables did not impart much of a taste to the idlies and gave gorgeous colors. They looked too pretty to be real and can make the Prettiest of the Appetizers!!
Doesn't it look like a Artist's Color palette? 
 After steaming the idlies-
1 Cup Urad dal
2 Cups Rice
2tsp Oil
Oil Spray
Green peas puree(about 2tbsp for 1/2 cup batter)
Grated beets(about 1tsp for 1/2cup batter)
 Turmeric (about 1/2tsp for 1/2 cup batter)
1)Soak the dal and rice together for 4 hours.
2) Grind into fine paste in a mixie/blender with water to make a semi-thick consistency batter.
3) Ferment overnight till the batter doubles in size ( I pre-warm the oven for 8 mins on the oven 'warm' setting.Then turn the Oven OFF.Put the batter in the oven and cover with a lid.OR you can leave the oven light on overnight to make some warmth in the oven and help the batter rise.)
4) Just before cooking Idlies, add the salt, stir gently 2-3 times.Over mixing will result in flat idlies.
5) Spray the idli stand  (I used a microwaveable min idli stand) with oil cooking spray. Add vegetable puree to 1 cup batter in separate bowls.Mix gently.Add more puree if needed to achive desired color. 
6)Add batter to the idli molds and steam for 15-20 mins .
7) Serve steaming hot along with Chutney/ Sambar or Skew them into skewers/ toothpicks for the Prettiest of Appetizers!