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Friday, October 9, 2009

"For Little Tummies"- Jello Fruit Mold

'E' still has some cold and was really cranky yesterday. The doctor said colds can last about 2 weeks and I shouldn't be worrying so much. I know, I shouldn't be worrying over cold,but you know...with all the 'Swine Flu' everywhere...I do worry and want to make sure he is OK.
As you must have guessed, I am not spending 'creative' time in the kitchen for couple days or so.Cooking mostly what I absolutely need to cook.
Therefore ....
I am going to share this recipe I made back in June....for 'E's playgroup 'Sprinkler Party'. Before they dispersed for Summer vacation,E's playgroup had organized this party.It was a potluck party and all parents got something to munch.I wanted to make something 'Summery'( is that a word?) and of course which kids will love and enjoy.As a kid, I remember liking the 'Jelly'(as we called it in India). Here they call it 'Jello'. I decided to make 'Jello' Mold with 'Fruits' to make it more healthy and of course ...look attractive!
It was pretty simple to make,I messed it once though.My fruits were floating in the gelatin instead of settling in the mold.I re-did everything and the second time it came out much much better. Here is the recipe and tips to make the 'perfect' mold in one try!
1 packet Strawberry/raspberry Jello Gelatin (buy the flavor to match the fruit color you are using)
8 strawberries sliced like petals
1/4 cup blueberries
Non stick cooking spray
Water to make Gelatin
1) Make the Jello gelatin as instructed on the packet (to step of mixing water and stirring)
2) Spray a glass mold with cooking spray.
3) Arrange the fruits as you like on the bottom of the glass mold.Be creative..make beautiful shapes and designs!
4) Pour very little gelatin on top of fruits.If you pour more gelatin or hastily,the fruits will start to float in the gelatin instead of sticking to the bottom.So pour only as much as need to slightly cover the fruits.
5) Refrigerate the mold for 1/2 hr.The gelatin will help the fruits stick to the bottom of the mold and 'stick' there.
Keep the remaining gelatin at room temperature(this should not set)
6)After the fruits and gelatin in the mold set,pour the remaining gelatin on top slowly and gently.
7) Cover with plastic wrap and carefully lift the mold and refrigerate for 2-4 hrs.
8) To remove the mold onto serving platter,place the glass mold in warm water for 2 mins.
Once the sides loosen ( carefully run knife edge on the sides),cover the glass mold with serving platter and turn upside down.(Like flipping a cake from the mold)
9) Serve immediately and enjoy ....It melts pretty fast!
1) Use cooking spray for easy removal of the jello mold
2) Can use almost any fruits except for pineapple..I think the enzymes in the pineapple will not let the gelatin set.
3) Layered gelatin can be made with different colored gelatin's and fruits.Overlay one color on top of the other.
4) For more ideas:

Here are couple pictures of my little 'E' ...enjoying the Sprinklers!

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  1. I am sure the kids must have loved this treat!