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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Raita Cups

I love to transform recipes to give them a modern touch.You will find many such modifications in my blog...
When it comes to food...I believe "Look does matter"....because You eat with your eyes first as they say!!

One such attempt was to make Modak with a modern twist...and the result was "Baklava Modak" which were published in Mid-day newspaper:

Today I made these lovely looking Cucumber cups and filled them with Raita to make a Modern looking and healthy appetizer---- "Raita Cups".
So easy to make...yet so beautiful looking!!

All you need is:
1 Cucumber
1/4  red onion finely chopped
2tbsp thick yogurt/ Greek yogurt/ strain water out of regular yogurt
2 pinches red chili powder
salt, sugar
Cilantro for garnish

1) Peel cucumber like this...leaving alternate bands of skin ..to get a pattern on the cups.

2) Cut into 5-6 large pieces and core out the center

3) Mix onion, yogurt, chopped cored out pieces of cucumber,salt, sugar, red chili powder to make raita
4) Spoon the raita into the cucumber cups
5) Garnish with cilantro...keep cold till ready to serve