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Friday, January 30, 2015

"Sunset" orange drink

The Sizzle From a Guest Kitchen:

Guest: Devashree Shende-Nampurkar

Doesn't it look like a beautiful sunset in a glass? The pretty hues of orange-yellow make it a perfect drink for any occasion. And let me tell you, this drink was as refreshing and tasty as it looks!!
The tangy orange juice with the bubbly soda, hint of mint leaves and the beautiful color of the grenadine syrup gives the drink it's unique taste and beautiful look.

Devashree,made this super easy and refreshing drink for a bunch of ladies, and guess what ..I was the first one to taste it! It was one of the most refreshing drinks I had especially after a long day at work and and hour long drive.

Here is Devashree's recipe as she describes it:

Orange juice(medium pulp)
Grenadine syrup
fresh mint leaves
crushed ice

1) Mix Orange Juice(medium pulp), sugar, salt and mint leaves.
2) Add crushed ice in an empty transparent tall glass.
3) Fill the glass 3/4th with orange juice mixture, top with sprite.
4) Add a tbsp of grenadine syrup.Wait till the syrup settles down.

Serve chilled!