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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Refreshing 'Spa' Water!

Since the past few trips that we took, it has become customary (and I love it!), that 'M' takes care of the kids and I visit the Spa in the resort we are staying in! I feel guilty at times, that I get pampered, but love the occasional indulgence!

This time, in Puerto Rico, I visited this "Bali' influenced Spa named 'Mandara'. After the Spa treatment, they offered this cool refreshing drink.... Simple cold water that had Lemon slices,Cucumber slices and strawberries soaking in it ....It was SO simple yet..SO Refreshing....I drank like 4 glasses of it.....literally:)

How to make it:
Fill a glass jug with cold water. Add few cucumber slices, 1-2 cut up strawberries and 2-3 lemon slices. Just squeeze a few drops of lemon juice in the water as well and let it chill and soak up all the good flavors!!!
 You will love to sip on this refreshing water and feel rejuvenated in minutes!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Bites" from Puerto Rico!!

Where was I all last week?? Yeahhh....in Puerto Rico!!!! We were so excited to get on the plane for this trip. It was a special one because...it was a trip planned to celebrate our BIG 10th wedding anniversary!Time really flies.....and the 10 years don't seem that long at all....in a 'deep' depth of a loving relationship:)

So yeah...Puerto Rico was very 'familiar' in certain ways..and very different in the other. There was the familiarity of 'US' like malls and approaching western culture....and the difference was in small colorful houses, the narrow streets, the fusion cuisine of various cultures. It sometimes felt very similar to the modern day 'India'...where there are those big malls/resorts etc  lavishly decorated, beaming with money......and the minute you come out..you are struck by reality...the tiny houses in the slums, crowded streets etc.
The land itself was 'green'...lush with tropical vegetation...plantain/banana trees, mango trees, coconuts etc. The weather was cloudy rainy in the rainforest area....but otherwise pleasantly sunny.

Here are the glimpses of the few 'bites' we had in Puerto Rico--
Pina Coladas....I can sip on these all day long!

'Stuffed Piquillo Peppers" at "Marbella" Rio Mar Beach Resort in Puerto Rico. The peppers were stuffed with mashed plantains and porcini mushrooms. The crunchy salad of onions,green peppers and carrots made it more delicious!!!
Fried chicken with Mango

  Tostones (Plantain fritters)

Tres Leches cake

Seven Layer chocolate cake