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Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Chatpata Chaat"- Basket Chaat

Who doesn't like chaat?? It's mouthwatering tasty, sweet-sour,spicy,crunchy ....with so many textures and tastes going in one dish it's hard to resist.....and too tempting!
'Basket chaat' is especially dear to me.It takes me back to days..when 'M' and I were dating (the Indian way! )There was this place on FC road..'Maan meet'....(has anyone else been there?) which served all kinds of Lucknowi chaats.'M' and I went there ..well to 'hide' from everyone else and also for the 'Basket chaat'.They used to make their baskets with sev molded into baskets.
I am sure all the Puneites are nostalgic about this chaat.I know my friend 'A' is.....just last week she was asking me about the recipe.....
My mom read the recipe somewhere and tried it.She made the baskets differently though..with rava and maida.I like to make the way she makes it....and here is her recipe.
For the Crispy Baskets-
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup rava
1/4th tsp salt
1tbsp hot oil
Oil for frying
1) Mix Rava,all purpose flour,salt, hot oil and knead well.The dough should be 'hard' and not soft.
2) Roll out into thin circle.Place the circle on a steel bowl/mold/vaati.Make the dough fit snugly on the molds outer side.
3) Fry the dough along with the mold in hot oil. Remove the mold gently after the dough is set in oil.
4) Fry both sides of the basket on low flame till golden brown.Drain on paper towel.
5) Store in airtight container after cooling.
For Filling
Filling in Basket chaat is pretty versatile.You can add whatever you like..like boiled potato/corn/ chick peas/soya chunks etc etc.
Season the above with salt,chili powder,cumin coriander powder,chaat masala.
For Tamarind-Jaggery-Mint Chutney
1)Dissolve 1/4 cup jaggery in 1/2 cup water.Add 1/2-1 tsp tamarind paste.Mix
2) Add 1tsp mint paste,salt,chili powder,chaat masala.Stir.
Assembly of the Basket Chaat:
1) Place the basket in serving plate.Fill with boiled mashes potato/corn/chick peas filling.
2) Top with finely chopped onions,tomatoes,sev/farsan, tamarind chutney,cilantro.
3) Dig in!


  1. This looks difficult to make, but I will try it one day for sure...
    Love all your recipes!

  2. No Anjali,I thought so too.Try it,its pretty easy!

  3. me khup vela Manmeet la jaycho, thanks for posting it, my girlfriend and I are going to try it out!