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Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting Started...

Finally got myself to start blogging! Today,September 14,2009.....and I am all set to cook, click and share!
Been a food fanatic,have always wanted to share my recipes,thoughts, get advice and so much more than just usual day to day cooking in my kitchen. Though I like cooking,and love doing it for my family.....sometimes I find myself in 'lack of motivation' state.Can't really decide what I should make for lunch/dinner/snack etc etc.When I thought about starting this blog,one of the reasons was to feel motivated and come up with or try new recipes.This will surely relieve the boredom of day-to-day cooking..will feel like I am on a mission and have something to look forward to everyday in my kitchen.
My love for food began, when I was little.I have sort of 'inherited' the genes from my parents who loved to cook and try out different recipes.My mom would make these incredible recipes and my dad would reward her and us (me and my younger sister) for helping my mom in her passion.These I guess, were the roots of my passion.
As I grew older,I stepped on my moms footsteps and starting experimenting myself.It gave me immense satisfaction and also gave my mom some rest from her busy routine.
After getting married to 'M'(who is my longggg time friend and now husband of 6 years) and becoming a mom to the cutest little boy 'E',I have tried to keep up my passion and interest in food. To give it a 'scientific' edge,I am also pursuing a course in food science offered by Ohio State University.
What next:
Hope I succeed in my mission and get more than what I have expected out of this!
I have number of ideas for this blog and want to do it in segments.....some ....on top of my mind are....
'Everyday cooking'.....where I share my 'day to day' cooking experiences and recipes.
'For little tummies'......this one will reflect my experiences in cooking for my little one(who by the way turned 2 in June 2009).Their tummies are little, but let me tell you, its hard making that baby food!
'Around the world in 30 weekends'.......where I try out a recipe from some part of the world every weekend.
'Taste of India'.....as the name suggests ,will be making Indian recipes from North-South-East-Western India.
And....what else???
Ohhhh..almost forgot(how can I????) ....'Pat a Cake'.....where I want to share my baking adventures! Have already been praised by friends for my delicious cake pictures which I upload now and then on 'orkut'.
Enough of this ambitious planning...and get ready to cook for real and share 'MyKitchensAroma'!


  1. hey pinu....wow looks really mouth watering...hey would love ur chicken and crab & shrimp recipies please

  2. This is such an awesome site....am so so proud of u, woman !!!!
    Plz post ur awesome pohyacha chiwda....
    Keep up the good work :) --devika