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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am back!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the Spring….good weather...sunshine…new blossoms…daffodils, sprouting of tender green leaves, chirping birds! All this fills me up with…happiness, hope and energy!!!
Well, now that I am back…we will fill our kitchens with more tempting aromas than ever!!

Reason for my ‘blogging break’…
I took a break from blogging for almost 3 months now. You must be wondering…WHY???
Well… I have a news to share!!!‘M’ and I are expecting our second baby in August!!!'M' and I are excited about this new addition to our family and 'E' can't wait to become a big brother!!!
I was having a very rough time with the morning sickness (which lasted not only in the morning but also through the day and night).I hardly could eat anything…leave apart cooking anything special. I had tremendous aversion and nausea towards 'anything' related to food….yes I stopped watching ‘Food Network’, we stopped eating out in restaurants…and I ate cold milk and cereal 3 times a day!!! Not fun at ALL...I know.
But now I am at 24 weeks (6th month) and feel much better, have energy and the nausea is pretty much gone (though I still cannot eat pizza and some other Italian food and cakes, pastries, chocolates are not on ‘favorite’ list anymore).
Since I feel better now, I thought of getting back to blogging and sharing some recipes which I have craved in the past few months…
Hope you all will restart visiting ‘MyKitchensAroma’ again and share your comments and ideas…as you did before.
Come let’s get cooking!

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