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Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Food For Thought"- What's your shopping style?

How do you shop? Make a list first or shop for things that look good and fresh???
By shopping style.....I of course mean Food shopping style here....
For me....I have a list ready, based on what I want to make over the whole week and buy veggies and other ingredients accordingly....
I never thought too much about this...But just last week...I was watching Ina Garten (on Food Network)...and she came up with this issue.
She herself accepted that she is a 'list' person and decides her menu before she shops.
She mentioned that when she visited France, there were these Open Street markets and people shopped for 'what looked fresh that day'...and designed there meal based on that. They look for fresh ingredients and that’s what makes their food better.
Similarly, a contestant on 'Next Iron Chef' was poorly judged by the judges, because she shopped for poor quality Shrimp and that reflected in her dish.

I do not of course buy things, which look poor quality obviously or things that are rotten or decayed.....but here in USA there are hardly any veggies that don't look fresh. Their produce always looks fresh.
Back in India, I never remember my mom making a list before she goes to get vegetables. She will always buy what looks fresh that day and shop accordingly....like in 'France'. And I think same was the case with everyone back there....
So...why has it changed for me here? Why do I have to decide everything in advance? Is it because life is busier here? Grocery shopping is a 'chore' and to be done just 1-2 times a week.....not everyday?

Just some thoughts..... wanted to share with you guys....

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