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Monday, November 30, 2009

"Sweet Treats"- Phyllo cups with Yogurt and Fruits

The long weekend was very much relaxing.We did not travel anywhere....but.....met friends, ate, watched movies, slept.Sometimes.... that is all what you are looking forward too!
So, we were going to have 'P-V-K' over for lunch yesterday.I planned a simple menu and a simple dessert.
It's fun to keep it 'casual' when you have friends over. That way everyone is comfortable and relaxed.
Sometimes 'simple' foods are the ones which are comforting and give pleasure.Infact as kids.....even a small 'M and M' or 'Bread and Jam' sandwich is all you need to get a smile on that face! It is so easy to make kids happy.I have seen 'E' enjoy the 'simplicity' of life! Happinesss comes to him in 'simplest' things!
And that's true.....as they say: Life's Greatest pleasures can often be the 'Simplest' ones!
I put together this 'simple' dessert to end  the meal. It is very easy, quick, 'not too sweet' and looks very pretty! Love the crunch of the phyllo cups and contrast it gives to the smooth creamy texture of the yogurt!

Ingredients:(For making 6 cups)
6 sheets of Phyllo dough ( thawed to room temp)
1tbsp melted butter
2 cups flavored yogurt of your choice (I used 'Raspberry' and 'Vanilla' flavors)
1/2cup Pineapple cut into small pieces( I used 'Dole' canned pineapple)
1/4cup Pomogranate

1) Carefully unfold phyllo sheets.They are paper thin, so be gentle.
2) Place 1 sheet on a big flat surface.Brush lightly wth melted butter.Place 2nd phyllo sheet on top.Smooth out.Brush with butter and place the next sheet.Repeat for the remaining sheets.
3) Cut out 6 squares from sheet and place them in 'muffin' pans, to create 'cups'.

4) Bake at 350F for 15 mins till the cups are golden brown in color.Let them cool.
5) Just before serving: Place 2-3 spoonfulls of yogurt in the cups, top with fruits.

6) Dig in the crisp phyllo cup and enjoy the  'crunch' along with 'smooth creamy cold sweet ' yogurt and fruits!

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