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Monday, December 3, 2012

Chicken 'Rainbow' Kabobs with Chinese Dipping Sauce

So colorful, so tasty...you won't stop dipping and popping them in your mouth!
It was 'Diwali Firecracker Party" at 'J' kaka's house and the menu decided was 'Indo-Chinese". After much thinking...I decided to make my favorite "Baked Chicken Kheema balls" with a Chinese Dipping sauce.
 When entertaining a large crowd....I think..these work perfect as appetizers.You can make Indian, Italian, Chinese versions with the same recipe and just a few modifications.You can flavor them according to the occasion/theme and they will be mouth watering every time!!
For Indian version: Use Chicken curry masala, Ginger garlic paste
For Indo-Chinese version: Sambal olek paste, Ginger garlic paste, Kitchen King masala and serve with Chinese Dipping sauce
For Italian version: Italian herbs, cheese, crushed garlic


1lb minced chicken/kheema
1 medium onion chopped finely
1tsp ginger garlic paste
1tbsp chopped cilantro
2tsp Roasted sesame seeds
2tsp Kitchen King masala
1tsp Sambal Olek paste
1tsp Ketchup
2tsp chili powder
1/4tsp turmeric
1tsp cumin-coriander powder
1/4tsp black pepper

1 egg
salt to taste
oil to brush hands

For Kabobs:
Green.Red,Orange,Yellow Bell peppers cut into small squares
White onion cut into small squares

1) Preheat oven to 350F.

2)Gently mix together all the above ingredients.Do not over mix....otherwise the kheema balls come out tougher and chewy.Just mix till everything is combined well.
3) Brush  hands with oil
3) Take small amount of kheema mixture and roll into balls. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.
4) Place onto baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and sprayed with cooking spray
5) Bake for 30-35 mins till cooked through
6) Broil for 2 mins to get nice golden brown color on top.

 For serving: Place a Chicken Kheema ball,bell pepper and onion on each toothpick

Chinese dipping sauce
1/4 cup Ketchup
1/4 cup Maggie hot and sweet sauce
2tbsp soy sauce
1/2 tsp Chili powder
1/2tsp sugar
Some toasted sesame seeds.Mix the sauces and chili powder together.Garnish with sesame seeds and cilantro.

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