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Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Sweet treats"-Sheera/Sooji Halwa

Just yesterday,I wrote in the blog ... 'M' being very busy (@work+studies) and being lazy to cook in the kitchen, and that his 'helping' in the kitchen is ordering a Pizza to 'take care' of the meal..blah blah blah....

But....yesterday evening....he himself offered to make 'Sheera/Sooji Halwa"(needless to say ...one of his favorites) !!!!
He asked me for the recipe and instructions and was all enthusiastic about making it himself.Though I believe in him, I couldn't help myself looking over his shoulder to make sure he was doing as I instructed.That is a bad habit and the 'chef' should be given all the freedom when he cooks but 'head chef of house' in me....wouldn't let me do that...
'M' did a great job and the 'sheera' tasted perfect! Thank you 'M' for being such a 'sweet' husband!
1) 1 cup rava/sooji/cream of wheat
2) 1&1/2 cup water
3) 1 cup whole milk
4) 1/2 to 3/4 cup sugar
5) 1/4tsp Cardamom powder
6) 1 pinch saffron
7) 1 pinch salt
8)1/8tsp nutmeg powder
9) 1/2 cup butter/ghee
10) Cashews and raisins

1) Boil water+milk together
2) Roast the rava in butter/ghee till golden in a deep pan
3) Add the hot water+milk to the roasted rava,mix.Cover and steam for 1-2 mins on low flame
4) Add saffron,cardamom,nutmeg,sugar,salt and mix well.
5) Garnish with cashews and raisins.
6)Serve warm.
1) Mango puree can be added to the sheera to make 'mango sheera'.
2) Pineapple pieces can be added to make 'Pineapple sheera'
3) When offering to god,we usually add banana cut into small pieces.

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