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Friday, October 2, 2009

"Pat a Cake" - Black Forest Cake (easy version)

"Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte" is the actual name of this German Dessert.It is one of my favorite cakes(and probably everyone else's too...right??)
I took a baking course back in India,and this was one of the cakes the teacher taught us.Since then, for my sister's birthday,for my mom's birthday,father's birthday,their anniversary....all I wanted to bake was ....this black forest cake! Everyone loved it...and I liked spending the whole day in the kitchen baking this 'masterpiece' from scratch!
But,now, especially after 'E' was born,I do not have the luxury of spending the whole day in the kitchen just baking....so when I baked this cake (On Valentine's day Feb 2009)....I took some help from the store..and made it the 'semi homemade' way and hence the 'easy version' in the title.
But let me tell ya' this one was no less delicious than the one made from scratch ...and on top of that I actually got to enjoy 'Valentine's Day' with my sweethearts....instead of being in the kitchen the whole day....baking.
So here is my 'easy' version of this chocolaty delight!

‘Betty Crocker’ chocolate cake mix 1 box
Pillsbury ‘whipped’ fluffy white icing 1 can
Hershey’s Semi sweet/dark chocolate bar 1
Pepsi/coke ¼ cup
Cool whip Whipped cream topping ½ can
(Or make whipped cream at home)
Coffee 1/2 tsp
Maraschino cherries 1 bottle

1)Bake the chocolate as directed on the box. Let it cool completely before cutting and icing.
2)Meanwhile boil ½ tsp coffee in ½ cup water and then let it cool
3)Make chocolate curls by peeling the chocolate bar with vegetable peeler( option: grate the chocolate bar with grater)
4)When the cake is cooled, cut carefully into 3 layers. Cut with a big sharp knife and carefully lift the layers with 2 flat spatulas and keep them on separate plates.
5)Mix the cooled coffee, ½ can Pepsi/coke and little cherry syrup from Maraschino cherries bottle and put in a spray bottle. Spray all the 3 layers of cake with this mixture evenly and generously. Let is sit and absorb for atleast 15 mins. Otherwise it will be difficult to put the icing on.
6)On the 1st layer of cake sprayed with coffee/Pepsi, spread the cool whip topping evenly. (Optional: cut the cherries into tiny pieces and add on the whipped topping)
7)Put the 2nd layer of cake on this. Repeat step 6.
8)Add the last layer. On this layer spread the Pillsbury icing evenly.
9)Add the chocolate curls/grated chocolate bar on top
10)Decorate with the remaining icing and cherries.
11)Refrigerate the cake (because of the whipped cream the cake has to be refrigerated immediately).
12)If you want to store longer, you can also freeze it. Just thaw for 10 secs in microwave before eating.
13)Enjoy with your loved ones!


  1. Deepti,
    The font color is not clearly visible in this background. Maybe a darker color?

  2. Thanks Anjali.Aga he formatting ajun mala nit jamat nahiye.I changed it though!