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Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Treats for Diwali"- Chakali/Murukku

As planned earlier,my friend 'V' and I decided to make chakalis together for this Diwali. There were two motives..first of all I had never made chakali with this recipe(see below) i.e.with rice and urad flour.( In Maharashtra chakali is made from a special mixed grain flour..called Bhajani).So needed some guidance in making these...and 'V' is a master in making chakalis....so decided to try under her wing!
Secondly making chakalis is a lot of work....kneading the dough, making chakalis, frying them....all needs some muscle.It's better done with someone elses help.
This arrangement worked out pretty well and we managed to make a whole lot of chakalis in just 2 hours ( there was a time limit, as I had to pick up 'E' from school)!
As you can see from the picture the chakalis came out very crispy,crunchy and spicy...yummm!
They did taste different than the 'Bhajani' Chakalis....but were no less tasty! I would definitely make these when I do not have 'Bhajani' (like this year) and I also noticed that they did not soak as much oil as the bhajani chakalis do...
Here is my friend 'V's recipe:
Rice flour -4cups
Urad flour -1cup
Chana Dhalia -1/2cup
Melted butter -1stick(8tbsp) ---we actually used 5tbsp
Hing -1/2tsp
Chilli pd -2tsp
Sesame -1tbsp
Cumin -1tbsp or Ajwain seeds
Salt -to taste
Method:1) Powder the roasted channa dhal(dhalia).
2) Melt the butter on stove until it bubbles.
3) In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients together with melted butter and knead by adding enough warm water.(the dough should be little thick to get perfect chaklis)
4) Stuff the dough in the chakli press and press it into spirals on a paper towel or on a plastic sheet.
5)Heat enough oil and deep fry them. Fry on medium flame until golden brown
6) Drain on paper towel
7) Store in an air tight container.

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