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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1 Month and Blogging...

"If you Cook with Love and Affection ...you can create Magic in the Kitchen'! - Alex Guarnaschelli (Food Network)

Wow! It's already been a month, since I started this blog! Time really flies by fast.
So far...it has been a lot of excitement,fun, cooking,clicking pictures and writing...I am enjoying it.
When I started the blog I wasn't sure how far I will be able to take it...how satisfied I will be with it?
But 1 month has passed...and I feel GOOD! I feel motivated each morning I wake up..each meal I cook....each recipe idea I read.
It is encouraging me to be a 'perfectionist' and try to make everything 'perfect' as possible.
It is definitely giving me chance to try out something out of my comfort zone...making food from different parts of the world,trying out different tastes and cuisines.
Other than cooking, I am actually enjoying the photography and the writing part too! It's like I have a new friend( all you guys..who like to read my blog..and support me sooooo much)....I can talk my heart out,share my creations with you.It feels NICE! I feel APPRECIATED!
I am going to continue cooking..and clicking..and writing...and see how many more friends I can make....and how better I get at what I am doing! It's like a quest for me...and I am ready to take it!
And like it is rightly said:
"There is no love sincerer than the love of food" -George Bernard Shaw
I am going to .....keep loving my food!

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  1. Keep writing...I cannot keep up with your recipes. But I promise I will try them all!