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Monday, December 7, 2009

Rough weekend- Slow on Blogging this week :(

Rough weekend:
Had a pretty 'rough' weekend. On friday, we went out to dinner at this newly opened 'Italian Buffet' place.I was pretty excited about going there. I thought we all love Italian food..especially 'E' loves Pizza and Pasta. Also, this place has 'indoor fireworks' ( their ceiling would lite up every few minutes to mimic fire works show) and also has colorfull fountains.I was sure 'E' is going to love it and for a change sit still till we dine!
When we went there, 'E' actually did not eat much...may be 1/2 a slice of cheese Pizza. Both 'M' and I tried few different Pizzas but weren't satisfied with any and did not like any in particular. Had some salad along with the Pizzas. That was it...wasn't to happy about the dining experience there.But decided may be we will try the other stuff on their menu which wasn't included in the buffet .....the next time.
Came home....watched a movie...went to sleep.
It all started at around 1.30 am.....both M and I got terribly sick.....we were throwing up....had nausea.We were sick with food poisoning.....whole night we were awake and feeling terrible.Fortunately..since 'E' hadn't eaten much there....he was not affected and he slept throught the night.We were so thankfull for that!
So the rest of the weekend we were still suffering from Nausea, feeling weak, had little temperature, did not feel like eating anything...it was HORRIBLE!!!
All we ate throught the weekend was Plain daal and rice.That was the only thing we could keep in!
Even today.....we aren't feeling all that great. But definately better than past couple days.
As you must have guessed .....I am not 'feeling' like cooking at all ! Don't know how long the nausea is going to last?
Hence, I am going to take it easy on cooking for the blog and keep to minimal cooking as needed.

Also, its 'Exam week' ....I have to submit Final exams for (Food Science-'Food Bioterrorism' ) course that I am taking through Ohio State University. This will be my 2nd last course for the series!
One more course to go.....and I will be done!

See you all once I am done with the exams and feel rejuvenated to cook again after the food poisoning incident!!

Hope you will join me again!

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  1. Oh! it is so much better now. I don't see any brown page.......tried opening a recipe from each month.