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Friday, February 25, 2011

"Everyday Cooking"- Thai Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

The other day I called 'P' to see what she was going to make for 'V's sendoff party. 'V' is moving to Florida!!! Is she lucky or what! 'P' said she is going to make 'Chicken Satay' with Peanut dipping sauce and many other items.'P' will always have a spread for a occasion.
Now I have always had 'Satay' at Thai restaurants in Ithaca.But since we moved here to Columbus, there is no Thai restaurant here and I haven't had 'Satay' for a long time now. Since Mummy is also here, I decided to give her a taste of 'Satay'...one of my favorite thai dishes...and try it at home.
'Satay' is a dish of marinated,skewered grilled meats served with a sauce.
8 pieces of Boneless Chicken tenders/ strips of Chicken breast/thigh
1/4 cup Coconut milk
1/2 tsp Thai curry powder
1/4th tsp turmeric powder
1/4th tsp Red pepper flakes
1 tsp Soy sauce
1/4tsp Garlic
1/2tsp Ginger
1/2tsp Brown sugar
1/2tsp oil
1/2tsp chopped cilantro
 (This marinate is 'Gingery', spicy and salty) It is supposed to be little more 'sweet' than in my recipe, but I like my chicken spicy.You can add more brown sugar.

8 Skewer sticks soaked in water for 30 mins
Lettuce leaves 

Peanut Dipping Sauce:

1/4th cups Peanuts
1-2 tbsp coconut milk
1tsp Sweet chili sauce
1/4th tsp chili powder
1/4th tsp ginger-garlic paste
1tsp soy sauce
1/4th tsp sugar
water to thin it out to desired consistency.

Add this after blending the sauce for some crunch-1/2tsp coarse ground peanuts

1) Mix all ingredients for the marinade.
2) Keep 1 piece of chicken at a time between plastic wrap and pound with a rolling pin to flatten it.This helps to 'sew' the skewers in the piece and also for quick cooking.
3) Marinate the chicken with the marinade and refrigerate for 2-3 hrs.
4) Sew the skewers into the marinated chicken and keep enough 'handle' on the skewers to hold while grilling.
5) Heat a 'grill' pan and spray with non stick cooking spray.Place the chicken skewers onto the pan and grill till chicken looks cooked.Then turn on the other side.

 6) Arrange lettuce leaves on the serving platter.
7)Place the grilled thai chicken satay onto the leaves and serve hot with Peanut dipping sauce.

8) Peanut dipping sauce:
Mix all the ingredients for the sauce and blend in the mixer till smooth.The sauce should taste 'Spicy+ Sweet'.Add the coarse ground peanuts for crunch in the sauce.

                       Enjoy the Thai Chicken Satay with sweet-spicy peanut sauce!

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