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Monday, August 1, 2011

"Sweet Treats"- Quick-Easy-Delicious homemade Saffron-Mango Icecream

Recipe Idea: Ananya Joshi

This was so far the BEST homemade ice cream I have ever had. Really....it was soooo creamy, smooth
,"non greasy',delicious and Best of all .....quick quick quick!!!! It took 2 mins to' make' the ice cream mixture and then 3-4 hrs to set it in the freezer! There was no mixing every 1/2 hour, no tedious work involved, no ice crystals.....and the results were still luscious and heavenly!!

Last time when I was at Ananya's house, her husband had made 'Anjeer icecream' at home with same recipe.It was so delicious and creamy, that I couldn't wait to try out myself....
It tasted just as good as 'Kaware Mango Icecream' back home in Pune. I wish I could send this homemade ice cream to my mom in Pune who just lovessssss Mango ice cream!


This is all you need!
1) 1- 32oz can of Kesar Mango pulp( found in Indian stores)
2) 1- 8 oz tub of Kraft Cool Whip
3) 1- 14 oz can of Sweetened condensed milk
4) 1 tbsp milk
5) few strands of Saffron

1) Warm the 1 tbsp milk.Add the saffron strands to the milk to make 'Saffron milk'.Keep few strands for garnishing.
2) Mix to together Mango pulp, Cool Whip, saffron milk and condensed milk, till all the cool whips lumps are gone.

3) Pour into a freezer safe container and freeze! Done!!!
Enjoy the cold-creamy-sweet Mango ice cream with hint of saffron!


  1. wow delish!!!

    How can I improvise to make anjeer icecream using the same recipe?

  2. Hi,
    Instead of the mango pulp, my friend had used the 'Dried figs'/anjeer. He soaked it in warm milk, grind them and then added to the cool whip-Condensed milk mixture.

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