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Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Everyday Cooking"- 4 colored Capsicum Masala Rice

Last week, it was yet another 'bye-bye' to a friend here in Columbus.  'S'(this is the 3rd friend with name starting with 'S'.... I had to say 'good bye' to in the past few months:(  was going to leave Columbus for good. She and her family were busy packing and I wanted to help her out with the dinner that night. I had these colored Peppers(capsicum) ...green, red, yellow and orange...I love those bright colors and how 'fancy' or 'festive' they make the food!

I remembered 'P' making this delicious and spicy 'Capsicum rice' in New York. Gave her a call...got the recipe and fixed dinner for S's family!

'P' mentioned that she got the original recipe from www.vahrevah.com
Here is the recipe from their website:
1) Prepare white basmati rice and let it cool.Grains should be separate.
2) Slice the Peppers. Dry roast the 'masala' ingredients given in the recipe. Grind the masala ingredients.

3) Fry the peppers for just couple mins. The peppers should remain 'crisp'. Add the masala powder and fry for few seconds.
4) Add the cooked rice.Toss. Add 2 tsp Ghee.Toss again.
Serve hot along with cool yogurt or curries or your favorite soup. Enjoy!!!

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