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Friday, September 9, 2011

OMKAR 2011- "Taste of Columbus" Cooking Contest

For the Ganesh Festival 2011(OMKAR 2011) in Columbus(Indiana), we had organized a cooking competition. I really enjoyed being a part of it and organizing it and more so.... judging it!! I got to taste some excellent food and experience a great deal of creativity shown by the participants. Some interesting recipes that were made for the competition and also some that won will be shared on the blog with the participants permission.
Here is the flyer for the competition:                                
  The Taste of Columbus"
 Cooking Contest for OMKAR 2011
 When: September 4, 2011 
Where: Commons Mall
1)    U-pick and Dish-it-up
Mandatory Ingredient: Rava (Cream of wheat/Semolina/Sooji)
Optional Ingredients: (You pick 2 of the following)
a)        Corn
b)        Sugar/Jaggery/Honey
c)        Potato
d)        Apples
Create a dish using Rava’ plus 2 of the ‘optional’ ingredients as main ingredients in the dish
(Other household ingredients like oil, butter, salt, spices, milk etc. may be used as needed)
*You can either make a ‘sweet’ or a ‘savory’ dish.

2)       2)Spice-Fusion
Use any one of following ‘Non-Indian’ ingredients to create an ‘Authentic/Traditional Indian dish’
a)        Tofu
b)        Ricotta Cheese
c)        Oats
d)        Zucchini
(Other household ingredients like oil, butter, salt, sugar, spices, nuts, vegetables, milk etc. may be used as needed)

3)       3)For the ‘Little Connoisseurs’ (Nutritious but Delicious)
Create a ‘Nutritious Snack’ for kids with the ingredients of your choice.

*Rules for the Contest:
1) Dish should be completely prepared at home and arrive in time for the contest
2) Each entry/ dish should have a Name, Written recipe, Time of preparation, Nutritional value (if you know) along with it.
Judging Criteria:
a) Originality/ Creativity
b) Taste
c) Presentation
d) Nutrition value
e) Time consumed for preparation/ Ease of preparation

The winners received a certificate and an apron.Had fun making those at home! 


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