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Monday, November 12, 2012

"Treats for Diwali"- Bhajani Chakali

'Diwali Faral' isn't complete without these Spiral- Spicy -Crunchy Treats.....The Chakalis!! As kids, we would be waiting for that day..when mom would prepare the chakalis!! There was a "Chakali Factory" near by our house..they made the best crispy spicy chakali ever!!! I remember..the aroma making my mouth water...as we entered the road to the factory...
In Maharashtra, Chakali is made from a special 'Flour Mix' of various grains. It is called "Bhajani".It gives the Chakali that 'crispy-crunchy' texture and the authentic taste. People either have their own "family' Bhajani recipe or now a days you can buy them in any store.My mom used to make her own..fresh...for every Diwali!
After coming to USA, I am in love with the "K-Pra' brand Bhajani. It comes with it's own set of directions and makes incredible Chakalis.
I followed the steps on the Bhajani packet.No need to add even salt or chili powder.The seasoning is perfect!!
1) After I made the Bhajani dough...'M'  helped me make the Spirals with the Chakali maker.

2) Fry the Chakalis on medium flame.Too high will burn them.Too low will make the spirals open and break the chakali (I had couple batches break :(

3) Fry till they are golden and crispy.Drain on paper towel.

If you have breakage of chakalis.....the "Tukda Chakali"(as they sold back in Pune) is delicious finger food too!
I made the "tukta chakali" into a "Rose"  like presentation  :))

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  1. Hey Deepti!
    Your site is a great! I tried making the ke pra brand chaklis today but the dough did not turn out smooth and kept breaking. For how long did you steam the bhajani-water-oil mixture?