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Monday, November 12, 2012

"Treats For Diwali"- Pedha Diyas

Wish You All a Very Happy Diwali 2012!!

Festival of Lights

What else goes 'hand in hand' as good as "Diwali and Diyas"??? After all it is called the "The festival of Lights".And so..I thought why not make my "star attraction" this Diwali...."The Pedha Diyas"!!
I used the "3 minute microwave pedha recipe" to make the basic Pedha mixture.(I used 1/4th portion of the recipe to make the Pedha dough for the Diyas.I will make regular Pedhas with the remaining mixture)

1 stick unsalted butter+ little to butter the molds
2 cups milk powder (Use Nestle Nido if you can find)
1- 14oz can Sweetened Condensed milk
2tbsp milk with saffron

Colored Sugar( I used yellow)
Edible colors

1) Bring the butter to room temperature.
2) In a microwave safe dish, mix butter, milk powder, condensed milk and flavorings of your choice.
3) Microwave for 3 mins.At each 1 min interval, mix everything together.
4) Let it cool,then form into traditional round pedhas or mold into various shapes. 
5) I molded them into "Diya" shape
6) Used a toothpick to make the 'rim' design
7) Dip the toothpick in edible color of your choice and make designs on the Diya

8) Or dip a straw in the color and make design on the Diyas
9) Pour some colored sugar in the center of the Diya

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