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Monday, January 28, 2013

'Masala Corn' Stuffed Brown Rice Idlis

Finally...after two weeks of  sneezing and coughing....I am back to myself!!! Yeah!!! And now I am craving all the yummy spicy Indian food:))
So there goes a combination of my two favorite things- "Masala Butter Corn" and my new found favorite "Brown Rice Idlis".... to make the delicious and nutritious "Masala Corn Stuffed Brown Rice Idlies"

When I visited "The Steamy Affairs" in Pune last year..they had any and every variety of Idli..which you could think of!! There was Idli Manchurian..there was Buttermilk Idli...then there was Jungli idli....crazy names...but delicious !
Stepping on their footsteps..I am trying out my very own Idli combos!!!

Masala Corn:

1 cups frozen-(thawed to room temp) corn kernels
1/2tsp chili powder
1/2tsp kitchen king masala
1/2tsp chaat masala
1/4tsp mustard seeds
1tsp oil
 Masala  Corn=Heat 1tsp oil, add mustard seeds,corn, salt, ,chili powder, masala etc. Sir fry till properly heated.
You can eat this by itself, with a squeeze of lemon and a dap of butter.( chopped raw onions and cilantro if you like)

Brown Rice Idli
2 Cups Brown Rice
1 Cup Urad daal

1) Soak 1 cup urad daal and 2 cups brown rice for 8 hrs. Grind into fine paste and let it ferment overnight.After fermentation add salt to the batter.
2) Spray the Idli stand/mold with non stick cooking spray
3) Add few masala corn kernels, then idli batter, then masala corn kernels and then idli batter again into the molds.
4) Steam for 20 mins
5) Serve hot along with Sambar and Coconut Chutney

 Sambar and Chutney Recipe:

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