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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

" Appetizers"- Pea Pesto Crostini

Last month during Christmas sales, 'M' bought me this Solid Cast Iron Grilling Pan that I wanted for quite sometime. I was so excited!!! Before he got me the pan, I kept thinking about all the recipes I could cook in the pan with those amazing 'grill' marks! But after getting the pan....I kept postponing its 'opening' to cook something special in the pan.
Finally yesterday, it occured to me .....I SHOULD open the pan today!!!
My New Grill Pan:

Coincidently ....I was watching 'Food Network' with my afternoon tea, and saw Giada make this really simple but tempting Appetizers- Crostini with Green Peas Pesto. Tadah!!! I had a recipe to cook in my Grill Pan!!
I pretty much followed her recipe with few changes here and there.
Original Recipe can be found here:
 I just had plain white sandwich bread which I cut up into triangles to make the Crostini, instead of the Ciabatta bread mentioned in the recipe. And the tomatoes I used were 'Roma Plum Tomatoes' ..coz..I did not have any cherry tomatoes on hand.
My pan gave beautifull grill marks on the bread and made perfect CRUNCHYYY Crostinis!

Peas Pesto:

I hadn't tried this one before , but it tasted pretty good. It was little sweet from the peas, salty and nutty from Parmesan cheese and had hint of garlic.Couldn't imagine at first, how a puree of peas would taste like, but did not taste bad at all!! Only thing I would change next time was to add little 'heat'....may be red pepper flakes...
Pea Pesto Crostini: Perfect Appetizer for Parties Or just a Yummy Snack
Everything can be done in advance...crostinis, pesto,cutting tomatoes.The guests can assemble the crostinis by themselves or you could assemble just before the party.Looks Great...Tastes great!