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Monday, October 10, 2011

"Aroma From a Guest Kitchen"-(Guest-Aditi Kakde)- Sandwich Delight

Guest = Aditi Kakde
'The Taste of Columbus" Cooking Competition 1st prize winner in the "For Little Connoisseurs-Nutritious but Delicious snacks for Kids" category

The Tri colored 'Sandwich Delight' made by Aditi looked  so colorful and pretty and it all came together to taste great and sure to be your little ones favorite!!!

Aditi tells about her recipe:
I always think that preparing any item for kids is always challenging...since they are the best judges always....
and more over I feel that they usually get attracted to some sort of color combination ...
this inspired me to make a tri-color sandwich which is easy to prepare and also looks attractive ...yet its nutritious values are maintained...
Whole Wheat bread
For Red Layer:
Shredded beet root
Shredded carrots
Vinaigrette made with olive oil,honey, vinegar and salt

For Green layer
Green Chutney( cilantro, mint,green chilies,lime,salt, sugar and ginger)
Potato boiled and shredded
Sprouted mung beans

White layer
Cream cheese, paneer and yogurt(mix to make a 'spread' and add salt and sugar)
Cooked corn kernels
Pineapple slices

1) Cut the edges of 3 slices of wheat bread
2) On one slice apply red layer, on the 2nd apply the white layer and on the 3rd apply the green layer.

3) Toast the sandwich on a skillet with little butter till it is golden brown.
4) Cut into triangles and serve!

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