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Friday, October 14, 2011

"Aroma From a Guest Kitchen"- (Guest- Shyam Jugade)- Spring Onion and Egg Pakoda

Guest- Shyam Jugade
This amazingly crispy and tempting pakodas were made by Shyam kaka last week for our weekly 'Mantra Mugdha assemblage' at the 'Jugades brand new Palace'!
There is so much to learn from kaka..... his friendliness, his passion towards acting/theater, his leadership skills, his genuine nature and now.... I newly learn ....he has great 'cooking' skills too!!!
These pakodas made that day, were a 'vegetarian' version(with potatoes -I think that was Swati kaku's idea!) of the original 'Egg' pakodas.But Shyam kaka says the ones with 'eggs' came out tastier!
2 bunches of spring onions chopped
4 hard boiled eggs grated OR use potatoes for vegetarian version
1-2 tsp Gram flour
1tsp ajwain seeds
red chili powder
oil to fry

1) Mix together spring onions,grated eggs, gram flour, ajwain seeds, salt, chili powder.Add just a little water to 'wet' the mixture. Don't add too much water.
2) Take 2 spoons.Take one spoonful batter in one spoon, with other spoon scoop the batter and make 'Egg shape' and drop it into hot oil and fry till golden brown.
note- Kaka had used a deep fryer to fry these pakodas.
3) Serve hot  along with your favorite chutney/ ketchup.

These pakoras came out really cripsy and tasty.....everyone was going in for the seconds and asking for the recipe!!!

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