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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Sizzling Good Read:: 'In Defense of Food' by Michael Pollan

I tried to get this book from the library but had to wait over a month to get my hands on to it.Meanwhile, I was getting too impatient and I finally ordered a copy for myself from Amazon:)
Today I am done with it....and have mixed opinion about-- whether I know more now...or whether I am all the more confused about "What to eat"??

The book says, there is no clear evidence that a "low-fat" diet is the key to good health. There are all those 'low fat' and "no fat" foods available in the market ....and yet we still have heart diseases and obesity. Eliminating fats..may not be a good thing to do after-all.
For that matter ...any 'Fad" diets should be questioned.Adding one nutrient or subtracting another may not be helpful after all.
So...like they say---- MODERATION is the Key!!!

What the book makes clear:
1) Stick as much as possible to your 'traditional' diet!!! Less westernization/processed foods in the diet.Your genes/enzymes are designed to work on the food that you traditionally eat. If your vary too much...your body will suffer.

2)  Eat 'variety' of foods--to cover the whole spectrum of Nutrition. More diverse your diet in terms of veggies,fruits, whole grains....the more nutritionally you will benefit. Instead of thinking of food as mere 'combination of nutrients'...think of it's 'completeness' to provide nutrition.

3)  "Non traditional' foods...a product of food science experimentation...may not be the best thing to eat. Their effects on health are yet to be proven. The 'food labels' are often deceiving....they boast of things..they don't provide or have.

It was a nice read overall...and it kept my mind occupied for days!!
Looking forward to next one--"What to Eat" by Marion Nestle.

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