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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Appetizers"- Aloo Tikki with 'Chutney' surprise

I am reading this novel 'The Last Chinese Chef' by Nicole Mones. In the novel along with the 'story' are some details, tricks, history about 'Chinese Cuisine'. They say that no other cuisine controls 'Texture' and some other qualities of food as the 'chinese' way of cooking.Another aspect of some authentic chinese cuisine is to take the diner by 'surprise factor'. When a plate of food comes in front of you....you think it is something...but actually when you eat it...it surprises you completely.....not at all what you have thought about it....it is totally different.Like they carve chicken  into bite size pieces and put them together as though the chicken has never been cut....has crispy skin but 'melt in your mouth' tender meat. ...
I like chinese food...but have yet to discover these 'authenticities' of the great cuisine.....
So....I liked the idea of 'Surprise factor'. My mom made 'Idlies'( fermented rice+lentil cakes) with chutney in the center.She would pour some batter in the stand, then some chutney and then batter again.The 'Idlies' were steamed along with the chutney in the center.They tasted delicious!
Just as a simple try....I made Aloo Tikki's , but stuffed them with Coconut-Mint Chutney.They look like 'Normal' aloo tikkis from outside, but when you bite into them, you get a 'surprise' of Spicy Coconut-mint chutney!!!

For Aloo Tikki:
2-3 Potatoes and mashed smoothly
1/2tsp Cumin seeds
1/4tsp Ajwain seeds
1/4 tsp garlic paste
1/4tsp chili powder
2tbsp Bread crumbs
oil to fry

For Coconut-Mint Chutney
1/3 cup fresh coconut
2tbsp mint paste
2-3 green chilies
2tbsp Cilantro
1tsp garlic-ginger
1/2tsp cumin

1) Mix together Boiled mashed potatoes, cumin, chili powder, garlic paste,bread crumbs salt etc and knead well. Make small balls with depression in the center.
2) Grind together the coconut, mint, cilantro,chilies and other ingredients to make a smooth chutney.
3) Place a 1/2 tsp chutney in the center of the potato ball.

4) Cover the ball with some more potato mixture and gently roll into flat 'Aloo Tikki's'
5) Shallow fry the Aloo tikkis in non stick skillet on medium flame untill golden brown and crispy on the outside.
6) Serve immediately with ketchup/ Hot-sweet sauce.

Take your guest by surprise of coconut-mint chutney inside the Aloo-Tikki's!!


  1. Wow soooo tempting and yummy aloo tikki...

  2. most yummy indian food is fried, either deep or shallow. have you ever experimented with baking the same things instead of frying.it works with normal aloo tikki, wonder if it will work with the chutney in the center.

  3. @ Tina-Thanks:)
    @ Narendra- Good idea! Might work with these as well.Will try baking sometime!

  4. Heyy hi deepti its so nic to look and yummy ,i m try to prepare but i cant mak d same as u make of chutney .. can u tell clear abt d cocunut mint chutney methd with ingedint...!!!