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Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Sweet Treats"- Brownies

Brownies brownies and more brownies....
The theme for 'A's 1st and 'E's 4th birthday party was 'Candyland'.

Along with the various other types of candies and chocolates....I made these brownie squares and brownie pops to go with the theme.
I started with "Betty Crocker' Brownie mix and then jazzed up the brownies..my way.

Brownie Squares
1 Box Betty Crocker brownie mix ( plus water, oil, eggs etc mentioned on the box)
3/4th cup all purpose flour
1 Unsweetened Apple sauce can(4oz)
Icing writer/icing gun/ pastry bag
flower candy for decoration

1) Mix brownie mix, water,oil,eggs, all purpose flour, apple sauce.
2) Grease a cookie sheet and spread the brownie mixture onto the cookie sheet to get 'thin' brownies.
3) Bake as per box directions
4) Let the brownies cool for 1/2 hour. Cut into squares.
5) Decorate each individual square with icing and decorative candy

Brownie Pops
These are a fun way to eat brownies!

1 Betty Crocker brownie mix
Icing writer/tube in pink and white
Sprinkles for decoration
Lollipop sticks
plastic wrap
Muffin pan
Wilton 'flower' shaped brownie pan

1) Bake the brownies in flower shaped pan and in muffin pans.
2) After cooling, decorate as desired with icing gun/pen etc.
3) Decorate with sprinkles

4) Wrap with plastic wrap, insert lollipop sticks and tie a ribbon

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