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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spider Web Cookies

These 'Spider web cookies' are so simple to make...even kids will be able to make them for Halloween!!
I made these for the Halloween costume party last week. The dark brown fudge mint cookies(store bought) with the bright orange spider webs[sorry the picture couldn't capture the color so well :( ] made with orange colored icing and a perfect Halloween treat. You can even pass these on to the "trick or treaters' and they will love it!!!
12 Store bought "Fudge Mint" Cookies
1/4 stick butter (at room temperature)
5tbsp powdered sugar (plus little extra)
few drops of orange color/ red and yellow color(mix 4 red to 2 yellow to make orange color)
few drops vanilla essence
Zip lock bag and icing tip

1) Mix the butter and powdered sugar till smooth and without any lumps.It should make 'icing' consistency) easy enough to be squeezed from zip lock bag.Add more sugar if needed.
2) Add the orange color and vanilla essence to the icing and mix.
3) Cut the tip of zip lock bag(small enough for the icing tip to come through). Place the icing tip inside.Fill the bag with orange icing.
4) Draw 3 concentric circles on the cookie

5) With a toothpick,starting from the center, drag the toothpick to the outer edge at equal intervals

6) So the same for all the cookies, Clean the toothpick in between

Happy Halloween!!!

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