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Friday, September 13, 2013

Filo Cups with Sweet Coconut-Cranberry and Nuts filling (Just like 'Karanji" ) !!!

In the "Food Network"jargon this would be called a "Deconstructed Karanji".....something which has pretty much the components of Karanji...tastes similar too...but looks totally different and has a enhanced taste /texture...

I took the 'coconut filling' idea from the karanjis, brightened it up with nuts and raisins and filled it in the buttery, crunchy filo cups!Now you have a whole new 'dessert' which is sweet-crunchy-eye pleasing-classy looking and tasty too!

 Here is how to make them: The Recipe from the last time I made them-
This time I added 'dried cranberries' for more color.

You will love these Sweet Coconut-Cranberry-Nuts in the crisp Filo Shells!

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