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Monday, January 4, 2010

"Food For Thought"- Are you a 'good' Recipe-Follower?

To be honest....
I am a very 'bad' recipe follower.There has been hardly any recipe that I have followed word by word....teaspoon by teaspoon.When I look at the recipe, I tend to look at it 'overall' what the general idea is. But never have I tried making it 'as-is'. It may be genetics.....or my lack of 'following' skills.

Genetics.....coz my mother never followed the recipe 'as-is' from her cook books. She just had to add a touch of her own. My father was of the opposite opinion.He thought.....if you do not add/ use all the ingredients and quantities, you sort of mess up the recipe. He sometimes measured the ingredients for my mom to follow a new recipe.Yes...they liked cooking together...when they had time!

Being a Microbiologist....I have had enough of measuring/ and following protocols in lab. In the lab, even 1 microliter or 1 microgram here and there matters. If you mess up..your all days work is worthless. You have to start over again.
May be that is why...I want to keep my kitchen unlike a 'lab'. No Strict measurements.No blindly following a recipe/ protocol. I want to be creative. Want to let my brain, mind and heart work together to create something delicious. I want to add a little 'Deepti' to what I cook.....and enjoy it!

It surely doesn't mean, I do not look for recipes for ideas. I sure do. But like I read on
http://www.malas-kitchen.com/    I want to use the 'RECIPE AS A THEME'. The exact words on that website were:

" A Recipe is a Theme which an Intelligent Cook can play each time with a Variation"
This approach of mine doesn't work so well with Baking. Baking is hard core measuring. Here and there....and you mess it up. May be that is why I am a 'lazy' baker. 50% times I turn to cake mixes.But even then....I will always add 'some' touch of my own to the cake mix or the icing to make it my 'own'.
When I really feel motivated ..I bake from scratch.

What about you? How well do you 'mimic' a recipe?

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