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Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Pat a Cake"- Rainbow Zebra Cake with Chocolate Ganache

'A' is already 10 months old! Can't believe how time flies. It won't say that it was just yesterday that she was born and now she is already this old....but even with all the hardships...it really feels that it wasn't long ago that we got her home finally from the hospital...after those long cruel 48 days....
Anyways....All is well in the end.

For her 10 month b'day..I decided to give 'Zebra' cake one more try.But this time is was going to be a  colorful....rainbowy....beautiful ..'RAINBOW ZEBRA CAKE'!!!

For the  basic recipe,I followed :

I made little changes...
1) I used Red and green food coloring instead of the cocoa powder
2) Sprayed the cake with 'sugar syrup' for more moisture and 'sweetness'
3) Iced it with 'Chocolate Ganache

Here is how I assembled the cake:
1) Divide the white cake batter made by above recipe into 2 parts. In the 2nd part divide again into 2 parts.Add red coloring to one and green to the other.Mix well.
2) In the buttered 9 in cake pan add 3 tbsp white batter in the 'center' of the pan
3) On that add 2 tbsp of green batter in the center of the white batter
4) Again add 3tbsp of the white batter to the center of green batter.
5) Then add 2tbsp of the red batter to the center of the white batter.

6) Repeat 3tbsp White ..then 2 tbsp colored... then 3 tbsp white...till all the batter is used up.This is how the batter looks after assembly. The batter will spread on it's own.All you need to do is add the measured batter to the exact center of the pan.
7) To get a 'floral' appearance , run a toothpick from the center of the cake to the end on regular intervals.
8) Bake as directed in the recipe(http://www.azcookbook.com/zebra-cake/)
9) After cooling, spray with a 'Spray' bottle the following syrup:
Boil 1/2cup water and 1/4th cup sugar for 7-10 mins.Let it cool Add few drops vanilla essence.
10) Let the cake soak up all the moisture
11) Chocolate Ganache


12) For decoration, add 'sprinkles' on the edge of the cake.Cut the cake into 'Wedges' to see the dramatic effect of the 'Zebra Cake'
                              Happy 10th month Birthday my beautiful flower 'A'!!!

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  1. This is a neat idea. I will for sure give it a try, when I resume baking again.
    Happy 10 month old little one.