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Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Sizzling New Kitchen!

Christmas break started ...and we were wondering where to go???  The places that were warm were far away...and the near ones were going to be as cold as Columbus. All in all ...."M" and I scratched our heads..and still couldn't decide on a place to go for the break...
But then...An Idea came by....why not take up some home renovation project??? It will be fun!
I was wanting a "Kitchen Backsplash"...for obvious reasons...the oil was flying to the walls...the food was spluttering on the walls behind the stove...and those marks didn't look so pretty.
We studied on the internet about the Kitchen Backsplash...went through all the steps...materials, tools that were needed and finally decided on what we wanted to do.
The project went well...it wasn't as easy as shown in the videos on the net...but 'do-able'. It was fun...hard work...but in the end...My Sizzling New Kitchen Looked Gorgeous!! "M' did most of the work...I was helping him around here and there.

3 Days of Hard Work later.... The Kitchen Backsplash was all done!
Picture on the left is "Before The Kitchen Backsplash" and One on the right is "After the Backsplash " was done.

The "glass mosaic" tiles that we used..gave a 'Modern' look to the Kitchen!

I will be Cooking and Blogging soon..from the Newly Updated "Sizzling" Kitchen..See you then!

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