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Friday, December 28, 2012

Tres Leches Strawberry Cake

I know you are drooling over this one..just by looking at the pictures!!! Soft creamy whipped cream over a amazingly moist cake (almost custard like!) topped with fresh strawberries....I am with you! Love Love Love it!!!
I had never had or made "Tres Leches Cake"[ 'Tres' means Three and 'Leches' mean Milk....probably all must have come across these words...living in 'Spanish' translated America!] . I came across this one...on  a Facebook Foodie Community "Bon  Appetit'...One of the fellow members,Shalmali Thakur-Pradhan, had posted the cake recipe on her blog (Bakasoor.blogspot.com).Check the detail recipe here--

It was a very pretty looking ....luscious...tempting cake..and I couldn't resist baking it! Since Christmas was right around the corner...we celebrated Christmas with this aweesomeely delicious 'Tres Leches Strawberry Cake'!!!

I pretty much followed the instructions on Shalmali's blog...with few modifications.

1) Bake a cake with "White Cake " Mix. I used 8inch round pan. I made 1- 8inch round cake and 6 cupcakes
After the cake bakes...let it cool for 1/2 hr or so...transfer to a disposable aluminum pie dish (which you can cut out after soaking the cake in 3 milks)
2) Poke the cake with fork all over and soak it in 3 milk mixture. Let it soak for 1 hour. Keep the cake in the refrigerator for that time.
 3) Cut out the sides of the aluminum plate and top with whipped cream and decorate with fresh cut Strawberries.Done!
Indulge into the rich, moist, milky, whipped creamy, strawberry goodness!!

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