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Monday, March 28, 2011

"Fusion Cuisine"- Paneer Chili,Grapes and Asiago Cheese Loaf Panini

A Sandwich gone a bit 'Wrong'....
I had a great lunch at my favorite restaurant....'Panera Bread' with some friends.I love all of their Paninis and soups.....I am on a mission to try each one of them, every time I visit Panera! While coming back I picked up this loaf of 'Asiago Cheese Loaf' from Panera.

While driving back, all I could think was....what kind of Panini can I make from this? Came home ...found 'Paneer' in the freezer and I knew what I was gonna fix for dinner! Paneer Chili, Grapes and Asiago Cheese loaf Panini!!! Sounds exotic isn't it!!!!

What went wrong then?: Did not taste the bread before making the sandwich.The bread had kind of a strong 'cheesy' and mild 'tart' flavor.The bread on it's own would taste good but it over-powered the Paneer Chili filling and the whole combination did not quite come together as I thought it would :(

BUT.......Make this sandwich with a plain Italian bread or a french bread...and I guarantee...IT WILL BE A WINNER!!!!!

How to make Paneer Chili:

I added few extra veggies: Carrots, Corn this time
How to make the Panini:
1) Slice the bread into 'thick' slices
2) Slice the grapes into halves. The grapes offer a surprise 'pop of sweet-sour' flavor when you bite into the sandwich.
3) Place spoonful of filling onto the bread, top it with your favorite shredded cheese,sliced grapes and place another slice on top.Grill the panini on a grill pan.Panini maker/ plain pan. Serve hot!

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  1. wow/...loved all the combinations going in !